Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The one where I finally let people know what I'm doing

It's been a while. ^^;;;;; A long while. But, it means I'm DOING things! What?!
Last year- (I know: last year!) I turned 30. Well, kind of last year. This PAST December I turned 31. The previous one was the big 3-0. And I was not thrilled about turning 30. In fact, I was freaking out, as I generally do. Thankfully, a wonderful friend gave me the idea to set 30 goals for 30. I decided "Hey! This will give me direction in my limbo life!" So I did. Now, unfortunately, I am not made of time and certainly not made of money, so I have not completed all 30. But I have completed several of the goals on my list!
And- to start out this year . . . already 3 months in (yay me!) I will report the goals I have completed.

Ran a 10k - yes. I did! I completed and ran the whole dang 10k! Hoping to run a longer race soon. It was absolutely excellent to do the training- hard but excellent.

Go on a hike- I hadn't been on one for a while and I like them. I live in a state with LOTS of hiking, so, seriously, should do it. So I did.

Travel- I am counting the wonderful tour to the east coast with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square. It was spiritual, emotional, and such an amazing experience!! I should write more on it later. I should have written more about it RIGHT AFTER the fact, but . . . I'm way behind on EVERYTHING. By the way- accomplished a DREAM: played in Carnegie Hall!!!

Attend a ballet: I haven't been to a live ballet since I was a child and I LOVE ballet. It's gorgeous. Went to Swan Lake. LOVE!

Attend a Broadway Musical: Um, went to two ON BROADWAY in New York! Plus many here. Yay!

Witches Festival: Just cuz I love it.

New Experience: Lantern Festival with the amazing Heather! It was a dream! Like being in Tangled. Beautiful and uplifting! (literally hah!)

Jane Austen Ball: Went this year! With absolutely excellent people and in a regency dress made by my wonderful mother! She is the best! seriously, the best. You should be jealous. I win

Take a new class: Took a couple of those. One was a writing class online. Super helpful!

Finish a book: Second one I actually finished a first draft. Now there are a bajillion other drafts to do with the two books, but hey! I'm on my way!!!!

Read 50 books in a year: That I did. Surprisingly, with no time. Yay Overdrive and audiobooks with all my driving.

(There's a couple goals that are personal, which I will NOT share)

I'm actually pretty proud of the accomplishments :) I have extended it to the 30's instead of just within the year I am 30. (Cuz ain't nobody gots time for that ;) ) Here are a few I am working on:
Go to a Masquerade Ball
Organize (I have specifics)
Arrange a quartet piece
Sew a dress (learn to sew in the first place ;) Work in current progress)
Etc . . .

This is what I'm up to. Using my single life to its full advantage ;)

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