Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lots to Say

Another large stretch of time before another post, but oh well. There has been a lot that has happened. I do have to say that I probably won't post any more chapters of Queen's Defense (sadly) because if I hope to ever publish it (not saying that I necessarily will . . .) then putting it out on the internet is considered already publishing it, and publishers will not do it for me. But, if you are interested in it, let me know and I may send you bits by email, or have you wait until I'm finished. With NaNoWriMo, I'm working on it like crazy so it may be sooner than later. ^^ Just let me know. I may even just self publish it for fun and give to those interested. We'll see. 
Now, to other matters. I have a lot to say, and not all of it is happy. I feel a deep sadness that this passed Tuesday, my country chose immorality and evil, instead of the stark good and common sense. It opened my eyes to how completely and totally morally bankrupt we are, and soon to be (if not already) financially bankrupt. My country chose “free” health care that will actually cost more. So many businesses have had to cut down on employees or even go completely out of business due to Obama’s policies: especially the horrible Obamacare. Our healthcare will also plummet in being excellent. Who will have the motivation to BE excellent care givers?

Obamacare will slither into every portion of our lives in the pretense of making us healthier. We’ll be told what to eat, made to exercise, (which I don’t mind exercising, but forced?) told we can’t or must do certain things all in the guise of “health”. There will be death panels. They sinisterly hid this concept in one of the stimulus bills instead of in the ridiculous paged Obamacare bill. Death panels already exist in Great Britain, so that idea totally squashes the call for healthcare to be like it is in GB alone. Death panels pick and choose who gets healthcare based on their age, and how much they can contribute to society. Sound like communistic Germany to anyone else? Apparently, nobody is taught history, or they’re taught the doctored truth of history. Under this idea, they will refuse healthcare for my father and mother. Thank you for killing them.
Why would we want to follow Europe when we have been the standard for them for so many years? We’re going backwards, not forward. And, last I checked, Europe already fell over the fiscal cliff we’re approaching. The Eternal debt ceiling only makes everything WORSE.
Obama’s policies have made everything worse. They honestly think that four more years would make it better? Delusional. That’s like going back to an abusive boyfriend for more. He ran on lies, lies, oh . . and more lies. He killed those men in Benghazi. More people have died in the war while he was president the passed four years than under Bush. He didn’t bring them home. He ran a shameful, low class campaign. 
Helping our fellow man was put on our individual shoulders, not on the government. They just screw it up. Christ NEVER said give everything to the government and have THEM help. He asked us to be our brother’s keeper. Not be Big Brother. There is not problem letting somebody be successful, especially if they use their success for good.
Believe it or not, they LIED about Romney. Shocker. He has done so many good things with his wealth. I don’t begrudge him ONE iota. He is a smart man who can help pull others off of financial cliffs. Its been proven. And he could have pulled us off of it as well. It would not have been perfect, there would have been things I disagreed with him on, but he would have given us so hope.
Contrary to popular belief, there was a MAJOR difference between the two. They were not “all the same”. I call myself a conservative, not a Republican because a lot of our Republican leaders should be kicked out as well as Democratic. But Romney was the one to help us out of this mess. He is moral, a good man, and smart.
Also, contrary to popular belief, there is a right and a wrong. There is very stark black and white. I will not compromise my morals, values, and principles like some Republicans are considering to “win more elections”. This country was founded on divine principles. That’s right: DIVINE. This was God’s country. Thankfully at least half the country believes it still is.
Politics and elections affect everyone. They have definite consequences. So those who say they’re not REALLY into politics and basically ignore them are rather lacking in some important information. We HAVE to know what is happening to our country! It does affect lives: ours AND others. It doesn’t mean we have to be actively debating and taking polisci or whatever. I’ve never loved talking politics either, but there are things that are important. CERTAINLY more important that freaking Survivor and American Idol. I find it extremely sad and disgusting that most people care more about what Hollywood does or what is on some ignorant and unreal reality show.
For those saying, “He’s president. Stop being so mad and just lets work together.” Again, I will not compromise morals. I have every right to be angry at a bogus president who has helped turn my country into something I do not recognize. Who has reduced my hope to ashes.
Though, like a phoenix, my hope will rise. Because, I know some amazing people. I know those of us who truly love our country, truly care about each other, and stick to moral principles will hold to each other and lift each other. I know God will not abandon His people as long as they don’t abandon and turn from Him.
I am so grateful for so many things. For one, I was grateful to have an amazing writing seminar and to have Nanowrimo to distract me a bit. I appreciate these opportunities and that I could take advantage of it before many are taken away. My giant gratitude list will be written a little closer to Thanksgiving. 
I don't mean to sound like a jerk, but if you want to debate me on this, don't. I won't waste my limited time and energy on it, and, I know I'm right. There are feelings that come with truth. If you don't like it, you don't have to read it, or you can just ignore me. I feel confident enough in my research, gut feelings and in myself that I know who would actually listen to and care about me. That is all. Look for happier posts when I find more positive to share. Loves for all and big thanks to those who support me. Know that I know and that you are so appreciated.