Thursday, June 21, 2012

Soundtrack to My Life

A glimpse into my psyche is through my playlist on my ipod. I'm going to list a few here and share some awesome songs you should check out as well. ;) But also describe me and events in life. And here we go!

*Mirror- Barlow Girl:
           This song talks about not letting your image (looking in the mirror) define you. Letting God define you. Too many times we let others, including our own self image define us, and we need to see ourselves as God does. 

*You are Loved- Josh Groban:   Josh Groban: could I even say more? Amazing amazing. But this song makes me cry. Its a reminder to me and to everyone that there IS someone that loves you.

*See Who I Am- Within Temptation:
        "We must be the change we wish to see" I love the whole message of this song. We need to see through others' eyes, change the world through love. 

*Rock Your Soul- Elisa:
        Who doesn't want to make a difference in someone's life?

*Misfit- Lesley Roy:
         Because, yes . .. often I do feel like this.

*Stupid Girls- Pink:
          Makes me giggle AND seriously . . . anybody else sick of the trend of women lately? Wear less, become cookie cutter barbie, trophy girls, plastic surgery . . . no thanks. 

*Soulmate- Natasha Bedingfield:
        Can't seem to find mine. This song makes me cry.

But then again: *The More Boys I Meet- Carrie Underwood:
        I love my dog . . . and love him more as I meet more boys. Yes . . . sorry . . true.

Along the same vein: *Atlantis- Jamie O'Neal     "A girl trying to find herself a perfect man is like trying to find Atlantis"

*King of Anything- Sara Bareilles:
      Pretty much describes my thoughts on EVERYTHING lately. SO tired of people trying to tell me what I'm supposed to do. Seriously . . this girl stole into my brain and stole my thoughts.

*Keep the Change- Hank Williams Jr.:
      Amen Brother . . . Amen

*On My Own- Ashes Remain:
       Yes, I do like Christian Rock. The message is so much better than "mainstream" and often they are better musicians. It talks about us not having to go through anything on our own . . we're not. The Lord atoned so we wouldn't have to. 

*Skyscraper- Demi Levato:
        One of my favorite songs. Bring it.

*Shake it Out- Florence + the Machine:
        I belt this song out in the car. It helps me shake depression. 

*My Kindness Shall Not Depart from Thee- Rob Gardner
    I cannot listen to this in the car. I bawl and can't see. It is an ABSOLUTELY amazing song. This is from Joseph Smith the Prophet, written SO beautifully by Rob Gardner. This is what the Lord responded to Joseph when he felt abandoned. It is the same message to us. <3 I'm crying even now. Beautiful. I got to play in this when we performed it here. Rob- you are one amazing composer.

*503- Hans Zimmer:
     Oh my gosh, gorgeous! Epic! As is all Hans Zimmer. I pull this out on my ipod and play with it <3

*The Lark Ascending- Ralph Vaughan Williams:
     My favoritest violin piece I've ever played 

*Flight- Sutton Foster & Megan Mcginnis:
      This is my "freedom" song. Basically . . I'd love to fly. Just get away every once in a while. 

*If you can Dream- disney artists:
       For the Disney princess in me. I've always loved Disney and wanted to be a voice for one of the characters, or animate . . or be one. 

*Dreamer- Elizaveta:
        The romantic/ dreamer in me. <3 LOVE this song. 

*Jump Rope- Blue October:
        This song makes me happy, and TOTALLY describes life. 

*Believe- Britt Nicole:
          Another theme song . . . big time. 

*Stronger- Kelly Clarkson:
         Describes this past two years: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" And relationships with peeps. Kelly has a lot of songs that resonate with me. Same with Lesley Roy who's song is up a bit. *points*

Hope this wasn't boring as heck, but here's just some of my theme songs lately. Enjoy and welcome to a bit of my brain. ;)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day! 15 things about my Daddy

My Dad is amazing! Happy Father's Day to you, Daddy!

1. Dad lived in Southern Utah and Las Vegas. He's a desert dweller. ;)

2. Dad is an only boy of an only boy and only had one boy. Now he has many sons-in law. 

3. His father was a Biology teacher and had SO MANY animals! Probably why Dad doesn't like animals, but still let us have a doggie, cuz he knows Mom loves dogs. But, even though he doesn't like animals, they love him. Babies do as well. 

4. He goes by Bob. He is THE Bob. And don't you forget it ;) Also known as "Grumpa" "Dad" "Bullet Bob" and my personal favorite, coined by River: "Poopa".

5. He served an LDS mission in NEW ZEALAND!! Has some really fun, amazing stories about it, and I would dearly love to take him back. 

6. Knows one piece on the piano he can still play. Poor man had to deal with a family of musician, has been to countless numbers of concerts, and still supports us through it all, even when he doesn't particularly enjoy them. I know I've done my job as a musician if my mom cries at my performance, and my dad sleeps. 

7. Dad was super talented at football and basketball. He coached a few of Rob's sports teams, and I think really liked it when I ran cross country and track. He came to almost EVERY blastedly boring meet. Seriously, it has to be the most boring sport to watch, but he supported me every time. Sorry I didn't turn out to be a sports person. >.>

8. He is SUCH a supportive Dad. Supports us with everything we do. He drove me to Boise every other week for violin lessons for four years, and chaperoned for field trips when I was little. He also drove up to Rexburg every Halloween to come see our infamous Halloween awesome concerts. And- it was always snowing. 

9. Dad is awesome with numbers and an extremely hard worker. He works 12 hour days often and puts in so many extra hours to get everything he needs done. He does five guys' work while he has had health issues pretty much since he was married. He has taught me the value of work, and is THE example of providing for your family- working hard for his loved ones. 

10. Dad likes to laugh and is a big tease. He makes me giggle all the time, and we get along well. He's got a really goofy sense of humor, and HAS a sense of humor. He's pretty quick on the draw. 

11. Dad has his own language, with words like "hooty patooty", and "can you hand me that rootie?" while all of us ask him what the heck he's talking about. He also likes to change lyrics of songs, which is absolutely entertaining. 

12. Dad has a great sense of direction. There were several times where we traveled to somewhere he'd never been and he found everywhere he wanted to be. I inherited NONE of that.

13. Dad may not be a super romantic, but he'll actually watch Jane Austen, and other girly movies with his girls. He doesn't like to make waves, and will let us BE feminine and girly. But how's THIS for romantic: He knew he was to marry Mom, and even though she gave the ring back several times, he had patience, and knew he loved her and they were going to get married.

14. Speaking of that: Dad has stayed worthy to hold the priesthood and knows how to pray and receive answers. I'm so lucky to have a father like that. He can lead our family with inspiration and the Lord's help. He freely gives Father's blessings for ANY reason, and speaks them beautifully. I know that he speaks from the Lord. 

15. Dad is spiritual, and patriotic. He has a lot of wisdom, and is very smart. He's pretty chill most of the time, and people feel good around him. 

Dad is awesome, and I love him so much! I've had an amazing example of how a father and husband should be. So, I have some high expectations. ;) Happy Daddy's Day!