Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Am a Dreamer

I am a dreamer- in a very literal sense. I have vivid dreams every night, some so vivid I wake up completely confused as to what is reality and what isn't. I hope this isn't grounds for insanity >.>. I have dreams all the time that I'm still in school, or that I have to go back to high school to redo a class. Its usually some weird class that is a combination of English, Science, and Math. Sick, I tell you .. . . SICK! ;) I'm always late, or found out that I was supposed to be in a certain class and never remembered to go, or an absolutely ridiculously huge project that I completely spaced until the night before. Those dreams make me more stressed and tired than how I was BEFORE I went to sleep. I heard that the fact that one dreams means one is getting the right amount of sleep. This one still never feels like she gets enough sleep, especially with vivid dreams.
My favorite dreams are the either SO ridiculous I wake up almost laughing, or the ones where life is going super awesome. But, the best are the ones that have an amazing storyline. I always get upset waking up from those, even if they're frightening, because I want to know what happens next. I write those ones down for ideas for stories. I'll have to tell you some of them one of these posts.
Despite having amazing story lines, some of the nightmares I have are way too vivid and scary for me to ever want to remember them again. There was one that was like Inception: several layers of the dream within one. I kept thinking I was awake, but it would just be another layer to the dream. That one was terrifying. I thought I'd never wake up. At one point, I was possessed in my dream . . . I honestly couldn't say anything or move. I just kept screaming in my head for my Dad and a blessing, but wasn't able to say it out loud. *shudder* Not a fun one. I seriously felt strange all day after that one.
That's the other thing about the vivid dreams: I wake up from them and feel off for an amount of time. Sometimes an hour, sometimes a few minutes, sometimes the whole week. I have yet to decide if its a blessing or a curse, but my dreams do make life more interesting. I think maybe I'll purchase a dream book and interpret them. ;)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I will never forget

I will never forget this day ten years ago. 9/11 always tugs at my heart. I'm SO grateful they caught Bin Laden this year by those brave men over in the middle east. There is, however, something that maims this day. I'm so angry that the mayor of NYC has said that there's no room at the commemoration for the families and the rescuers. They should be the ONLY ones that room is made for.
Also, no clergymen allowed there. How can we slap God in the face?! It is thanks to Him not more died. What does it take for us to remember Him? I'm including a link to President Monson's words that were asked for at this difficult time: Noone could say it better. What are they thinking? What is better to comfort those that mourn than the words of our Father in Heaven? Politicians piss me off. ('scuse my lack of lady-likeness)
I'm currently watching a documentary as I get ready for church on those brave rescuers, and volunteers from ALL over that helped so many. Thank you. Those who give of their time to help others . . . that is what makes America great. It renews my faith in people. That is America at its best- Americans at their best. So many people worked tirelessly day and night to find survivors and people around the city and all over provided aid. The clergymen all around to help spiritually. How could we not allow them to do the same ten years later? So many forget so soon. Don't forget the stories of this day. Don't forget Him. We can't.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Not that my thoughts are more interesting than the rest, but I thought I might use this as another opportunity to just talk and get things out. I also figure, if there's other people that would like to hear, then here ya go! Its also a good way to possibly to some more writing practice. I may eventually post chapters of stories I attempt. We shall see.
I feel like this young adult phase in life is very much a "limbo" stage. I'm constantly reminded that I know very little to nothing and still can't seem to move onto "the next step", despite having gotten both my Bachelor and Masters degrees. I do very much enjoy teaching my private violin students, but after all the years of focusing on music, I've rediscovered that I love reading, writing, and drawing. I've decided to try these other interests in my spare time. That's one thing education has taught me . . . I really love learning and actually researching new things. I will probably end up posting a few things I learn too. ^^ So . . we'll see how this goes.
A warning though: I'm all up for discussions but I don't deal with rudeness. I may post things that I believe in strongly, and would be glad to discuss, but I get emotional and may choose not to respond to comments. ^^ Just to let you know.