Saturday, August 16, 2014

To All Horses of Different Colors

To all horses of a different color:

Be yourself, be real, have conviction. You hear “be yourself” all the time that it gets cliché and annoying, but  . . . seriously. My favorite people are genuine and “weird”. They have a uniqueness that is just so them! And I love it. People will trust you and appreciate YOU if you are genuinely you. If they don’t, then they are not worth your time. Now, let me kind of explain this with junk that I have had to learn recently. If it helps anyone, awesome! If not, well, that is just fine. I’m sharing my own thoughts, and its my blog :p.
I’m not bragging, or being bitter or whatever. I am FINALLY accepting the good things about, and the quirkiness. AND I am NOT putting up with people who don’t see the good or put the effort to actually SEE me.
I had a recent “fun” experience. A past friend who once believed as I did decided that I am not worth her time anymore because of what I believe, my religion and faith.  Not only that, but because I would not admit that I may possibly be wrong. This, my friends, is called conviction, faith, practicing what I preach. No, I’m not going to say “Well, I could be wrong,” when the truth is woven into every fiber and locked into every cell of me being. It is part of me and a giant reason why I am who I am. I am fine if others don’t believe as I do, but who appreciates being tossed aside because of it? STAND up for your beliefs!
I am traditional, “old fashioned” and conservative. So what? The world needs people that are “old fashioned”. Truth and values never die. They will stand the test of time. Truth is truth and just because a popular group of people does not believe it, doesn’t make it less true.
Not everyone needs to “one up” everything and be the most learned or well-spoken in the room. Sometimes words are just that: words. They can be so empty- no substance behind them. They can be powerful for good and not so good. Words without action or truth behind them are worth little to nothing.
Not everyone can be the clever or funny person all the time. Nor do you have to need the attention all the time. The world needs people who will laugh (which is what I love to do) and who will listen, not always do the talking. The world needs introverts just as much as extroverts. 
I am a sensitive, caring person. Good! The world is full of callous, crude, selfish and manipulative people. I seek for that of a better, higher plane. I will not dim my light simply because it shines in someone else’s eyes. (if you want to read more on why I will no longer apologize for BEING a sensitive person, see the previous blog)
I care and so yes, I CAN want/ hope for someone who cares as much or appreciates how much I care. Especially if they say/pretend they do too. I am real, and will only want to get close to other real people.
I love and care deeply, which means I get hurt deeply and that people will exploit it. I find it so sad that people would exploit kindness and empathy. But it doesn’t mean that I have to STOP being that way. It doesn’t mean that anyone has to. In fact, we need more that WILL care deeply in this throw away, easily replace things society.
For all those who, like me, can feel so alone, especially surrounded by people, you have an ally. I am that ally, and I will fight for you. Robin Williams (RIP) said once, “I used to think the worst think in life was to end up all alone, it’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel alone.” I can attest wholly to that statement.

You can be free. I still get caught up and lose hope. But, I will ever strive to remain hopeful. There is always much that I need to improve, but it is not what the WORLD says I need to improve. It is what I know in my Spirit to improve. All that matters is what the Lord thinks of me. You do not have to compromise your self/morals/ what you KNOW is right, especially just to appease or to keep a pseudo friend. Be that different color. Be genuine. Be kind. Be you.

P.S. This will be my last super serious, "rant"- type post for quite a while. This girls needs some more laughter. I'm also going to include little drawings to illustrate as I ought to practice more ANYWAY and I'm a visual person. Makes it that much more fun ^^

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  1. I LOVE THIS!!! It reminds me of a CES talk by Pres. Uchtdorf called "What is Truth". He states, "The thing about truth is that it exists beyond belief. It is true even if nobody believes it." I love that! God-given Truth (with a capital 'T') is not relative.

    He continues, "You will find even those who still claim that they have evidence that the earth is flat, that the moon is a hologram, and that certain movie stars are really aliens from another planet. And it is always good to keep in mind, just because something is printed on paper, appears on the Internet, is frequently repeated, or has a powerful group of followers doesn’t make it true.

    "Yes, our world is full of confusion. But eventually all of our questions will be answered. All of our doubts will be replaced by certainty. And that is because there is one source of truth that is complete, correct, and incorruptible. That source is our infinitely wise and all-knowing Heavenly Father. He knows truth as it was, as it is, and as it yet will be. “He comprehendeth all things, … and he is above all things, … and all things are by him, and of him.”

    Our loving Heavenly Father offers His truth to us, His mortal children.

    Now, what is this truth?

    It is His gospel. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is “the way, the truth, and the life.”

    If we will only have enough courage and faith to walk in His path, it will lead us to peace of heart and mind, to lasting meaning in life, to happiness in this world, and to joy in the world to come. The Savior is “not far from every one of us.” We have His promise that if we seek Him diligently, we will find Him."

    Thank you for sharing and for being the woman that you are!!!