Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thanksgiving . . late

Here is my very late thankful list. I guess its better late than never, and a good time to do it after a disappointing, bad fibro, not accomplishing anything week.
            First: I am so thankful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love church, even when I don’t always feel like I belong in my ward. I will be forever grateful for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is my brother and my friend. He suffered the Atonement for me and for all of us. He fulfilled the demands of justice with his mercy. I love the Book of Mormon and I’m so grateful for a modern day prophet and revelation. I’m thankful for prayer and for temples. One of the greatest days of my life was going through the temple with my mom and family to get my endowments out. I’m so grateful for those beautiful houses of God that allow us through the sealing power and power of the priesthood to have forever families.
            Second, I am so thankful for my family. With constant change and friends that aren’t always there, family is. I am so blessed to have amazing, good parents who have taught me well, and give me so much love and support. My mother is my best friend. She is the only one I tell everything to and that I’m completely myself around. Probably not the best for her . . . but she handles it well. My Dad has set the standard for what I’d like in a guy. He’s hardworking and so supportive. He makes me laugh, even if he teases ;) I’m grateful to an older sister who lets me do laundry at her place and likes to spend time with me. I’m also grateful for all my siblings, but especially Missy right now since she has to deal with me the most recently.
            I had a wonderful time in Utah over Thanksgiving. I have a very wise, ambitious brother who usually gives me some good advice, and a sister in law who is the sweetest person with the biggest heart. I love her like she was my blood sister. I’m also so thankful my long lost cousin came to visit over Thanksgiving. She is beautiful and amazing and I am so grateful that I was able to meet her.
            I am grateful for wonderful people that have been put in my life. I’ve met so many amazing people. I am especially grateful for those who have been there for me throughout my life, through the good AND bad.
            Even though my health has frustrated me a LOT and makes things annoying sometimes, I am thankful I can walk, that things work well enough, that I can see, hear, and speak. I can still play the violin and teach it. I always wanted to perform: to do things like play background music for movies, be a Lindsay Stirling, or play in a professional orchestra, but I’m blessed to have sweet students and even HAVE a job; especially a job that I enjoy.
            This may sound ridiculous, but I’m thankful for dogs. They make me giggle, make me happy, and are so fun. Heck, I’m grateful for lots of cute fuzzy animals that like to cuddle.
            I’m thankful I was born and raised in Idaho and in the US. I pray we don’t get destroyed, and I will always fight for the Constitution.
            I’m grateful for books, electricity, food, nature, and all of God’s beautiful creations. There is an endless list of what I am grateful for, and I’m thankful for a time to reflect on all of it. It is also a time to reflect on who I am and what I’d like to become. Even though there is a LOT I’d like to change, I’m thankful for the strengths and blessings my Heavenly Father gave me. I need to remember them more often and use them.
            Happy Holidays! I’m also grateful for the Christmas season. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lots to Say

Another large stretch of time before another post, but oh well. There has been a lot that has happened. I do have to say that I probably won't post any more chapters of Queen's Defense (sadly) because if I hope to ever publish it (not saying that I necessarily will . . .) then putting it out on the internet is considered already publishing it, and publishers will not do it for me. But, if you are interested in it, let me know and I may send you bits by email, or have you wait until I'm finished. With NaNoWriMo, I'm working on it like crazy so it may be sooner than later. ^^ Just let me know. I may even just self publish it for fun and give to those interested. We'll see. 
Now, to other matters. I have a lot to say, and not all of it is happy. I feel a deep sadness that this passed Tuesday, my country chose immorality and evil, instead of the stark good and common sense. It opened my eyes to how completely and totally morally bankrupt we are, and soon to be (if not already) financially bankrupt. My country chose “free” health care that will actually cost more. So many businesses have had to cut down on employees or even go completely out of business due to Obama’s policies: especially the horrible Obamacare. Our healthcare will also plummet in being excellent. Who will have the motivation to BE excellent care givers?

Obamacare will slither into every portion of our lives in the pretense of making us healthier. We’ll be told what to eat, made to exercise, (which I don’t mind exercising, but forced?) told we can’t or must do certain things all in the guise of “health”. There will be death panels. They sinisterly hid this concept in one of the stimulus bills instead of in the ridiculous paged Obamacare bill. Death panels already exist in Great Britain, so that idea totally squashes the call for healthcare to be like it is in GB alone. Death panels pick and choose who gets healthcare based on their age, and how much they can contribute to society. Sound like communistic Germany to anyone else? Apparently, nobody is taught history, or they’re taught the doctored truth of history. Under this idea, they will refuse healthcare for my father and mother. Thank you for killing them.
Why would we want to follow Europe when we have been the standard for them for so many years? We’re going backwards, not forward. And, last I checked, Europe already fell over the fiscal cliff we’re approaching. The Eternal debt ceiling only makes everything WORSE.
Obama’s policies have made everything worse. They honestly think that four more years would make it better? Delusional. That’s like going back to an abusive boyfriend for more. He ran on lies, lies, oh . . and more lies. He killed those men in Benghazi. More people have died in the war while he was president the passed four years than under Bush. He didn’t bring them home. He ran a shameful, low class campaign. 
Helping our fellow man was put on our individual shoulders, not on the government. They just screw it up. Christ NEVER said give everything to the government and have THEM help. He asked us to be our brother’s keeper. Not be Big Brother. There is not problem letting somebody be successful, especially if they use their success for good.
Believe it or not, they LIED about Romney. Shocker. He has done so many good things with his wealth. I don’t begrudge him ONE iota. He is a smart man who can help pull others off of financial cliffs. Its been proven. And he could have pulled us off of it as well. It would not have been perfect, there would have been things I disagreed with him on, but he would have given us so hope.
Contrary to popular belief, there was a MAJOR difference between the two. They were not “all the same”. I call myself a conservative, not a Republican because a lot of our Republican leaders should be kicked out as well as Democratic. But Romney was the one to help us out of this mess. He is moral, a good man, and smart.
Also, contrary to popular belief, there is a right and a wrong. There is very stark black and white. I will not compromise my morals, values, and principles like some Republicans are considering to “win more elections”. This country was founded on divine principles. That’s right: DIVINE. This was God’s country. Thankfully at least half the country believes it still is.
Politics and elections affect everyone. They have definite consequences. So those who say they’re not REALLY into politics and basically ignore them are rather lacking in some important information. We HAVE to know what is happening to our country! It does affect lives: ours AND others. It doesn’t mean we have to be actively debating and taking polisci or whatever. I’ve never loved talking politics either, but there are things that are important. CERTAINLY more important that freaking Survivor and American Idol. I find it extremely sad and disgusting that most people care more about what Hollywood does or what is on some ignorant and unreal reality show.
For those saying, “He’s president. Stop being so mad and just lets work together.” Again, I will not compromise morals. I have every right to be angry at a bogus president who has helped turn my country into something I do not recognize. Who has reduced my hope to ashes.
Though, like a phoenix, my hope will rise. Because, I know some amazing people. I know those of us who truly love our country, truly care about each other, and stick to moral principles will hold to each other and lift each other. I know God will not abandon His people as long as they don’t abandon and turn from Him.
I am so grateful for so many things. For one, I was grateful to have an amazing writing seminar and to have Nanowrimo to distract me a bit. I appreciate these opportunities and that I could take advantage of it before many are taken away. My giant gratitude list will be written a little closer to Thanksgiving. 
I don't mean to sound like a jerk, but if you want to debate me on this, don't. I won't waste my limited time and energy on it, and, I know I'm right. There are feelings that come with truth. If you don't like it, you don't have to read it, or you can just ignore me. I feel confident enough in my research, gut feelings and in myself that I know who would actually listen to and care about me. That is all. Look for happier posts when I find more positive to share. Loves for all and big thanks to those who support me. Know that I know and that you are so appreciated. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Fandemonium Fun

      Long time no write. Eh heh. It has been a busy . . .  . everything. Year, month, week . . . etc. But, this past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a fan con called Fandemonium in Nampa. It's a con that celebrates sci fi, fantasy, anime, horror, writing, fandom in general, etc . . . Seriously fun. It needs better advertisement and a stipulation that its not just a "nerd fest". I attended some amazing writing panels and a drawing instruction. I'm not a total geek (though there is quite a bit of nerdiness to me) and I had a ton of fun. Its nice occasionally to escape, dress up like on Halloween, and learn more. Basically if you're a fan of anything (superheroes, art, fantasy, sci fi, etc . . ) you are welcome there. There are a lot of  . . . interesting people that show up, but that is half the fun. I really liked getting to know people I probably wouldn't rub shoulders with on a regular basis otherwise, and make connections. And oh my goodness!!! Some people are AMAZING at sewing! There were some absolutely eye-popping costumes! I will have to post some pictures. THAT is my favorite part. It is fantastic to see what creative ideas people come up with. 
     My friend Melissa won cutest costume. She and her hubby and baby dressed up as Princess Daisy, Luigi, and Toadette from Super Mario Bros. AND she is amazing at video editing, so she won a few awards, including the ultimate fan favorite on her music videos. YAY! I actually won a couple myself. :) I'll link you to the one that won best humor and upbeat video.
       My sis and I also submitted stories for the short story contest. (BTW: that is so nervewracking for me to share ANYTHING to the public! So this was a big stretch of my comfort zone, much like sharing my writing/art/thoughts over a blog. Lots of making myself stretch.)

Missy won two writing awards (WOOT!) and I won best cross-genre story. It follows:

The Matter of Beanstalks
Category: Fantasy

            Jack. The name is so simple, short, and unassuming. Who would have known a man by such a small name would become the source to change my life?
            I was born into royalty. My father was king over a country ravaged by famine and pestilence. He longed for relief for his people, and sent word to every nation he could for help.  Months passed with no reply and no aid. The king looked for alternative ways, seeking help in shadows and hearing rumors of magic.
            He found a misshapen man, wrapped in rags, who promised that if the King would do as he instructed, the crooked man would save his kingdom. My father, desperate, agreed immediately to contract with the man. The instructions were simple. He was to bring his daughter and the finest goose he could find to the edge of his kingdom, the forest marked the boundaries of our kingdom to the neighboring country.
            I traveled with my father through the woods, holding a light gray goose. Most of the geese we found were too skinny and dirty. This was the finest the castle had to offer. I sang to ease our nerves, the sounds of birds and our footsteps accompanying me.
            We reached our destination as the sun started to set on the third day. I quivered with hunger and fear as the light faded. Just before the sun disappeared for the night, the shriveled man hobbled out of the trees behind us.
            “I have done as you instructed,” My father stated. He took the goose, which started honking in protest.
            “Yes, I see. Set the goose in front of me. Hold onto her. You too, child.” I helped my father with the struggling goose. Its honking almost drowned out the man’s odd chanting. Suddenly, the bird was still. 
            “Pick her up again,” the old man instructed.
            My father held her in his arms, much easier as she had calmed, and to our amazement, in the grass where she had laid was an egg of pure gold. “How . . .?” Father started, bewildered.
            “This goose will now lay golden eggs several times a day. This will help you start in the process of saving your kingdom. Your people will soon have their crops revived, and the gold will help them thrive and become the wealthiest kingdom around.”
            “Thank you! Oh, thank you!” My father knelt, tears of relief running down his cheeks.
            “I have not finished yet,” the man raised a wrinkled brow. “Now it is my turn to receive payment.”
            “Anything,” Father stared up at him. “You have saved my people!”
            The man shook violently and changed, sprouting up and growing before our eyes. I covered my mouth, muffling a scream.
            “A giant! You are . . . an ogre?”
            The giant leaned down, his voice booming and growing. “I will now have free reign in your kingdom, to come and go as I please. You will make sacrifices to me, of large animals, mountains of food, and even humans.”
            “No! No I . . .I cannot!!”
            “You will! You have given me your word, and I have saved your kingdom. As a guarantee you will keep your word, your daughter comes with me!”
            “NO!” Father clutched me to his breast. I was numb with shock and fear.
            “She will keep me entertained. I hear she sings quite well . . .”
            “You cannot take her! I will do what you ask, but you cannot have her.” He squeezed me tighter.  My lungs ached for air as I felt them crush . . . no . . . not crush . . . *grow still, immobilize. My father yelped as he felt my body alter form in his arms. He jumped back, falling to the ground.
            “What’s happening?” My voice vibrated like strings and my words sang.
            “What have you done?!” My father screamed at the ogre.
            “She is now my instrument. My harp. Take the goose. Save your kingdom, and do not forget our bargain.”
            I protested, screaming, though my screams now sounded like fingers strummed roughly against harp strings. No air entered or escaped my lungs and I felt no familiar beat of a heart. I was lifted high into the air, my father yelling, and then, there was silence. There was no longer a forest before us, but a room filled with oversized furniture. At eighteen, my life ended, and my bondage began.
            I spent endless hours staring out the window of the giant’s castle, taking in the strange surroundings of this land in the clouds, or providing the giant with my combination of singing and strumming.
I caught a few glances of myself in a mirror one day when I was carried to a different room in the castle. I was no longer flesh and bones and skin, but a carved figure with strings and wood. I could still see and hear, but could hardly move. I needed no food, or drink, air, or heartbeat. I still felt, still thought, but it was more difficult. The only time I truly felt emotion was when I sang songs I remembered learning. Then, I would long to shed tears.
Time passed, but I never knew how long. Everyday melted together. I remember seeing the goose my father and I took to the ogre. The giant brought it back one day, a triumphant grin spreading across his hideous, loathsome face. I started to sing/strum pointed questions, but he shut me in one of the cupboards. Time continued to tick away until the day that reshaped everything.
            I had been singing to myself, which did not happen often. I was tired of hearing myself after so many hours singing for the giant. But, I had decided to sing the melodies I had learned as a child that day to pass the time.  I had not heard the footsteps behind me, as I was so used to the giant’s thundering steps.  The face of a young man materialized in front of my gaze and my strings plucked in surprise. I tried hide, then remembered I could no longer move myself anywhere. “Who are you?” I sang frantically.
            What are you?” the young man responded. His emerald eyes twinkled in wonder. He had climbed up to large table to stand in front of me. He seemed so puny, even though he was a little taller than I used to be. He also looked about my age or a slightly older. “I’ve never seen a harp play itself.” He circled me, taking me in.
            “I’m not just a harp,” I zummed defiantly.
            He didn’t seem to be listening. “What is this place? Everything is huge! First that beanstalk I climbed, and now this castle . . .”
            “Beanstalk?” I incredulously sang. Though, I thought of all the other impossible things that had occurred to put me here.
            “Yes! A giant beanstalk that grew from some magical beans I acquired. That old woman was right! And she had doubted me . . . as usual . . .”
            He turned back to me. “My mother. She will be so angry when I return. She won’t believe any of this.”
            “Where are you from? Is the beanstalk still there? Please! Take me with you!” I vibrated with the frenzied strums of my strings.
            “Whoa! Slow down.” He raised his hands.
            “Please! I was taken from my father, King Dymas in Bahamut! He made a bargain with the ogre that owns this castle to save his kingdom! I was changed into a harp and brought here as part of the payment.”
            “Bahamut? That is our neighboring county . . .”
            “How are they?” I interrupted, the echoes of the strings intertwining, making my words less intelligible. “Do you know how my father is?”
            “I . . . if your father is King ^ then he lived around one hundred years ago.” His brows rose. “That kingdom used to be very wealthy, but are quickly descending to the state we are in. We have famine and illness, drought and disaster. Very few countries are thriving.”
            “A . . . a hundred . . .” I fell silent, taking it all in. “I’ve been here . . . all that time?”
            The young man shifted his weight from foot to foot awkwardly. “Sorry. I think I remember reading that % had a missing princess long ago. It made finding the next in line for the crown difficult, but they managed.”
            I did not answer, once again wishing for tears. He stood, running a hand through his hair, inspecting his nails, and rubbing his hands uncomfortably. “So . . . uh . . . my name is Jack. What is yours?”
            “Perfect name for a princess, magic harp . . . person.”
            I chuckled, the sound like plucked notes. I hadn’t chuckled in apparently decades. “Thank you. My mother especially liked music. I inherited that trait from her.”
            Jack smiled, his unruly brown hair falling against his eyelashes. He shook it out of his eyes again. “Well, your music helped me find you. It’s beautiful, even for a curse.”
            My carved, wooden face very stiffly moved into a small smile. “I’m afraid I’ll be stuck like this forever, so . . . I’m glad its beautiful.”
            “There has to be a way. Maybe the old woman that exchanged the beans would know.”
            A strange warmth I had forgotten long ago grew within my wooden frame. Hope. I remembered what it was.
            A familiar rumble gradually moved toward us, becoming more rhythmic as it neared. “He’s coming!” I strummed. “You can’t be seen! He will kill you! There!” I pointed out a crack in the stone wall, small for the giant, but just big enough for Jack to slip into.
            The giant stomped into the room, the wood at my base clattering against the wood of the colossal table at the thundering of his feet. My stings clinked and plunked.
            “I heard you singing,” he boomed.
            “I was singing to myself,” I crooned back.
            “Hm,” his bulbous eyes narrowed. “It smells different in here. Like a human.”
            “Probably left over from your sacrifice last night.”
            “You’re impertinent today,” he grasped me roughly, lifting me off the table and walked across the room with me. “I have no need of your sour notes. Be silent.”
            Doors slammed and I was left in the darkness of the cabinet. I listened tensely, worried and frightened for Jack. He was my only way out. But, he was also someone I wanted to be my friend. I silently hoped and prayed for his safety.
            The rumbling footsteps stomped around for what seemed like forever before silence. I strained my carved ears, listening for anything to give me a clue. The cabinet doors flung open and I plunked in high-pitched surprise. Jack put a finger to his lips. Climbing must have been one of his talents, for he had once again scaled quite a difficult ascent.
            Looking a little more wary and frightened, Jack whispered. “We need to get out of here.”
            He was going to take me with him! “Yes,” I tried to whisper. “But how?”
            Jack paced, his fingers pulling lightly at his lips as he scanned the room. In the cabinet with me, there were various objects, like bits of twine, dust, large crumbs, and odds and ends. Jack picked up the twine, large enough to be rope for him, and started looping it around me. I plunked again, watching him. He tied the rest of the twine around himself, fastening me to his back.
            “Jack . . . you’re going to . . .”
            “Shh. I can do it. Don’t worry.”
            Jack very slowly backed out of the cabinet and took his time to find footing on the stone wall. He descended, almost slipping once. I dug my wooden fingers in his tunic, controlling myself with great difficulty not to scream.
            He took a moment once he reached the ground to listen carefully. His head moved from side to side, calculating his best route, then took off quickly.
He slipped through a chip in the enormous door, but I didn’t fully make it. The force of the stop hurled him back toward the door and he knocked into the door and me. My strings echoed quietly, and Jack was stunned for a moment before adjusting this way and that to dislodge us both. He resumed running at full speed, passed pens with large and small animals.
I spotted a familiar bird. “Stop!” I strummed.
Jack skid to a stop, catching himself. “What! What are you . . .?”
“The goose! That one! It lays gold eggs. It belongs to me! Please. She can help you . . .”
“Gold eggs? How can it . . . Never mind. You’re a harp that talks. There’s a giant in the sky. Why not a goose that lays gold eggs?”
He entered the pen, moving toward the gray goose carefully, trying not to spook her. He circled slowly, skillfully. He’d done this before. He pounced, with a little difficulty due to me being strapped to his back, and caught her. She honked loudly; very loudly.
“Here!” He shoved the goose into my arms. “Take her!” He tore open the pen’s gate and sprinted away from the castle.
I held the goose tightly in my arms and tried to grab her beak as she honked. Jack yelped and sped up as an earsplitting roar reached his ears. We were discovered, and now pursued.
The giant bounded after us, Jack running at top speed. “Where is it?!” he muttered. “Where is it?!”
“The beanstalk!” Jack darted to the right. “I know it was around here.”
“Hurry!” I called, hardly helpful.
“Where . . . ah there!” A little green sprout popped out of the silvery ground of the world above.
The roaring was almost upon us as Jack swung us over and started climbing down quickly. His footing was easy with the strong, oversized leaves. The ogre reached the stalk and glared down furiously at us. Jack moved faster.
“How?!” The giant boomed. He tried to descend as well, but the leaves would not hold his weight. He screamed in fury before shrinking himself into a smaller, frightening version of himself with extended claws. The monster leapt and descended rapidly, gaining on us.
“Jack!” I sang out.
“I see! We’re almost there!”
He jumped the rest of the distance and landed with a jarring thump. He yanked at the twine and dropped me to the ground, my strings echoing. Jack dashed to a small storage shed a few feet away. I was stuck on my side, clutching the goose. “JACK!”
He raced back with an axe grasped desperately in his hands. He hacked away at the stalk fiercely. I struggled to look up. The ogre was almost upon us when the stalk finally gave way. It started to fall, then disappeared, leaving the ogre with nothing. He plummeted to the earth, striking the ground with a terrifying thud.
My eyes could not leave his still form, my hands still holding fast to the goose. Jack cautiously neared the ogre, his axe at the ready. He stepped close to the body and just about nudged it with his foot when it moved. In a flash he swung the axe and beheaded the monster.
I stared unbelieving. I was free. He was dead, gone. I finally released the goose and slowly brought up a hand, wondering. It was still wood. I was still stuck as a harp. I had briefly thought maybe with him gone . . .
Jack helped me back upright and smiled carefully. My own face stiffly moved into a smile as well. “You did it.” I awkwardly extended my arms to hug him. He returned the hug as much as he could. “Well,” he released me and looked me over. “He’s gone, but . . .”
“Yes. It’s alright. I’m free of him at least. Thank you. Thank you so much Jack.”
His smile widened and he scooped up the goose. “Better put her away.”
“Yes,” I strummed. I clasped my hands self- consciously.
Jack turned and took a few steps, then halted abruptly. One hand moved to a pocket of his pants. He patted it, his shoulders tensing. I watched curiously. “Achieve what I need to achieve . . .,” he muttered quietly.
“What was that?” I asked.
He turned back to me, his face lighting up, grinning. “That’s what the old woman said the beans would do. They’d give me an adventure and help me achieve what I needed to achieve.”
I just stared at him, confused. He laughed and set the goose down again. “Aria, I have one bean left. It dropped when my mother threw them out and I put it in my pocket. Its still there!”
“You . . . want to go back up there?” I sang, astonished.
He strode quickly back to my side, pulling the bean out of his pocket. It shimmered, silvery like the ground in the world above. He held it out to me. “Take it. Eat it? Maybe it can change you back.”
“Eat it? But I don’t eat in this form.”
“Try. Just try it? See if it works. They are magic!”
I hesitated, then popped the bean in my mouth. I struggled to swallow after chewing and grinding the bean. There was no movement from my throat as I endeavored to ingest it. At long last I succeeded, but by that time, I felt a thumping in my chest I hadn’t experienced in years. I choked, needing air once again and swayed on my two feet instead of a solid base. I gasped and looked up with wide eyes.
Jack whooped and pulled me into his arms, hugging me tightly. Deep warmth flooded through my restored being as I embraced him in return. My eyes watered and I cried the tears I had longed to shed for so long.
He let me cry against him and re- familiarize myself with everything before slowly releasing me. “Now what?” He smiled.
“We return our lives to a happily ever after,” I no longer strummed and zummed and sang as I talked. “Together.”

Hope you like it. Its not edited or anything like that. I had very little time >.> BUT it does have the potential of becoming a longer story. Second chapter of Queen's Defense on its way. Its written but I need to go over it with a fine toothed comb and let Missy read it and help edit. Also, pics from the con soon. Until then!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Soundtrack to My Life

A glimpse into my psyche is through my playlist on my ipod. I'm going to list a few here and share some awesome songs you should check out as well. ;) But also describe me and events in life. And here we go!

*Mirror- Barlow Girl:
           This song talks about not letting your image (looking in the mirror) define you. Letting God define you. Too many times we let others, including our own self image define us, and we need to see ourselves as God does. 

*You are Loved- Josh Groban:   Josh Groban: could I even say more? Amazing amazing. But this song makes me cry. Its a reminder to me and to everyone that there IS someone that loves you.

*See Who I Am- Within Temptation:
        "We must be the change we wish to see" I love the whole message of this song. We need to see through others' eyes, change the world through love. 

*Rock Your Soul- Elisa:
        Who doesn't want to make a difference in someone's life?

*Misfit- Lesley Roy:
         Because, yes . .. often I do feel like this.

*Stupid Girls- Pink:
          Makes me giggle AND seriously . . . anybody else sick of the trend of women lately? Wear less, become cookie cutter barbie, trophy girls, plastic surgery . . . no thanks. 

*Soulmate- Natasha Bedingfield:
        Can't seem to find mine. This song makes me cry.

But then again: *The More Boys I Meet- Carrie Underwood:
        I love my dog . . . and love him more as I meet more boys. Yes . . . sorry . . true.

Along the same vein: *Atlantis- Jamie O'Neal     "A girl trying to find herself a perfect man is like trying to find Atlantis"

*King of Anything- Sara Bareilles:
      Pretty much describes my thoughts on EVERYTHING lately. SO tired of people trying to tell me what I'm supposed to do. Seriously . . this girl stole into my brain and stole my thoughts.

*Keep the Change- Hank Williams Jr.:
      Amen Brother . . . Amen

*On My Own- Ashes Remain:
       Yes, I do like Christian Rock. The message is so much better than "mainstream" and often they are better musicians. It talks about us not having to go through anything on our own . . we're not. The Lord atoned so we wouldn't have to. 

*Skyscraper- Demi Levato:
        One of my favorite songs. Bring it.

*Shake it Out- Florence + the Machine:
        I belt this song out in the car. It helps me shake depression. 

*My Kindness Shall Not Depart from Thee- Rob Gardner
    I cannot listen to this in the car. I bawl and can't see. It is an ABSOLUTELY amazing song. This is from Joseph Smith the Prophet, written SO beautifully by Rob Gardner. This is what the Lord responded to Joseph when he felt abandoned. It is the same message to us. <3 I'm crying even now. Beautiful. I got to play in this when we performed it here. Rob- you are one amazing composer.

*503- Hans Zimmer:
     Oh my gosh, gorgeous! Epic! As is all Hans Zimmer. I pull this out on my ipod and play with it <3

*The Lark Ascending- Ralph Vaughan Williams:
     My favoritest violin piece I've ever played 

*Flight- Sutton Foster & Megan Mcginnis:
      This is my "freedom" song. Basically . . I'd love to fly. Just get away every once in a while. 

*If you can Dream- disney artists:
       For the Disney princess in me. I've always loved Disney and wanted to be a voice for one of the characters, or animate . . or be one. 

*Dreamer- Elizaveta:
        The romantic/ dreamer in me. <3 LOVE this song. 

*Jump Rope- Blue October:
        This song makes me happy, and TOTALLY describes life. 

*Believe- Britt Nicole:
          Another theme song . . . big time. 

*Stronger- Kelly Clarkson:
         Describes this past two years: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" And relationships with peeps. Kelly has a lot of songs that resonate with me. Same with Lesley Roy who's song is up a bit. *points*

Hope this wasn't boring as heck, but here's just some of my theme songs lately. Enjoy and welcome to a bit of my brain. ;)