Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pied Piper, Bad Teeth, and other tales

I'm seriously the pied piper for cats. Cats have claimed me as their owner without me feeding them, petting them, or having seen them before. This has happened with at least three different cats. They'll pop into my apartment all sneaky, I'll turn around, and tah dah: there's a kitty in my apartment. I'm always tempted to keep them, but I know they belong to someone else. Currently, there's a cute little black cat with white paws that has claimed me as its owner and my apartment as its. It runs up to me every time I stop to unlock the door. I have to pick it up and put it down, and since I usually have an armful, it slips in and I have to pick it up and take it out. Cute, but . . . . its not my kitty. heehee.
    I think animals know I like them. I end up watching dogs regularly and love it. Wish I could have a dog of my own. One of my students' sweet dogs had to be put down recently. I watched her just the week before and she was having problems. I was just grateful my prayers were answered and she didn't die while I was there. I don't think I could have handled it emotionally.
    Now to the teeth. I had to get a filling replaced . . . again! Within the course of a year I've had at least three fillings replaced. Love my teeth. Blah.
    In other news: I have the best students. Ever. They are so sweet. One of my little ones was too scared to play for the recital we held just a couple days ago. He's only . . . four I believe. But, one of my girls said she'd play twinkle with him and he played with her, watching her intensely. It was THE cutest thing ever. She's now his hero, and mine. What a sweetheart! My heart completely melted and I told myself THAT is why I teach, and teach as I do: with lots of love, positive thinking, and deep love of music.
    *sigh* So many things I want to do. Another chapter is coming . . . I've had a pretty dead brain from a busy music month, a little discouragement, and a lot of tired fibro days. But- soon.