Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Year -very late,

 . . . In which I update, reflect mad resolve. As I reflected on this past year, I've realized 2013 was the year of change. Some really good, some not so good changes. I entered the year struggling with hope. (Funny . . . New Years sometimes tends to do that to me.) the world is so backward and awful. I was pretty disgusted and I had little happening to help me feel like I was progressing.  . . Just stuck.
      I had awful pieces of news throughout the year, lost respect in some people (which takes quite a bit) and sunk into that horrible dark feeling of hopelessness.
       Though, amid the awful, there was the amazing! I never had such wonderful students, I was living on my own ( which for this very independent person is the best) and I was starting to get the hang of adult life . . . Sort of.
       Near the start of the year, I knew changes were coming. I hate changes. I don't adjust well. If it was always a change for good, it would be a different story.
       An opportunity arrived for me to get out of my comfort zone and gamble on a chance to possibly progress. But first-to me- I had to digress. I had to give up living on my own, give up my very beloved students, and move to Utah, where violinists are a dime a dozen, and where I swore I'd never live. But, I prayed and I was prompted, strongly, at one of my visits to the temple. I swallowed my pride and fear, and moved.
    And here I am. It has been a difficult change for me, but I have gained a few students and work with my second love: dogs. I'm still in debt and making little, but slowly gaining more students. 
     I also have discovered love again! Don't get too excited . . . . Love of playing again. I've found it with the greatest opportunity that I have had here: the Orchestra at Temple Square. 
    Often, I feel the music world has turned music more into a sport than an art, and has become a selfish thing instead of a gift. But this orchestra is a calling- not a job. I'm serving a music mission for my Father, and I love it! Full of volunteers, the orchestra still sounds amazing and is to uplift- not specific to just the Church if Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And uplift, it does. Just being apart of it has lifted my soul so many times. 
    That is the biggest change in life right at the moment. This past year has also included 5k runs, and I wrote a first draft of a novel!! Details to come as I'm determined to edit and maybe publish. This year. This year, we will see what The Lord has in store.

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  1. Hi Savannah! I miss your cute face. If you're ever in Twin, please give me a call! About adult life... I'm still figuring it out too. Haha. Sometimes I feel like a kid raising kids. Also, what a neat opportunity to play for the orchestra at temple square! Making music sure is an incredible gift. I love that natural high I sometimes get from it. So special.