Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Dream

I have achieved one of my dreams: becoming part of the Orchestra at Temple Square. I honestly didn't think that I would as I figured I'd never live in Utah. The Lord has a funny sense of humor, and I am grateful in this case. :) So! Like Rapunzel in Tangled, now what? Find a new dream! 
    I have other goals, yes, but the most important ones are a little beyond my full control (marriage, kids, etc) and there is, of course, the constant of always striving to be better. Getting financially stable is the very slow long climb.. . 
     So! To feel like I'm not so much in limbo I have made a list of goals or things I'd like to accomplish, realistic and not realistic. ^^ 
      Some mostly realistic, just to put a few out there:
Publish a book
Ride in a hot air balloon
Archery ( and not to get all hipster on you but I wanted to do this way before Katniss and Merida, etc made it popular)
Holi color festival
Cross country road trip

Again . . .  These are semi realistic as all involve money, connections, etc

Now for my fun, unrealistic:
1. Have a Jane Austen book romance
2. Be a Disney princess
3. Visit every gorgeous, amazing place on Earth
4. Basically be Lindsey Stirling : adorable, tiny, dance and play, record fun covers and music vids, and all that
5. Draw and write EXACTLY how I see things in my head
6. Own a dog farm where I can rescue and give care and love to lots of dogs
7. Cuddle/ own an otter
8. Make my own fantastically animated music videos to pieces I love
9. Ridiculous amounts of awesome costumes and parties/masquerade balls to wear them to
10. Revive the Jane Austen balls as the norm
11. Be a detective 
12. Be a voice talent for animated movies
13. Heck be able to portal to different worlds/genres
14. Basically spend the rest of my days being creative, learning, and inspiring while no longer worrying about money ever again. 
That would be fabulous, thanks. Even though there are these silly lists, I know what is most important in life. :) God, family, my temple recommend, and my faith. I always work toward things, and as long as the direction I go is up, toward God, then it is the right path. 
This was just a little fun blog post. Next blog (preview of upcoming attractions) will be a bit more serious: how I will no longer apologize for being deep feeling and caring.


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